If you are seeking training in social science research methods, these flexible, open-sourced modules can help you throughout each step of the research process. 

Social Science Research Methods


Understanding when and why to use specific research methods and knowing how to use them well, effectively, safely and ethically is essential to conducting sound research work in the academic sphere and in the professional world. 

These modules provide an introduction to formulating a research question; identifying appropriate methods to explore that question; tutorials focused on specific research methods; such as surveys, interviews, and ethnographic research; data analysis; and publication and sharing of your findings. 

We imagine that the methods modules could provide a complement to a course or a timely refresher when preparing a fellowship, grant application or a research assignment. The modules will offer tools to develop skills applicable to independent research or extracurricular engagement during undergraduate or graduate studies, to competitive post-graduate fellowships or the workplace.

Let’s get started! 

You can go through each module in order starting with the very beginning of the research process, or you pick and choose which modules are most relevant to your project. 

What stage have you reached in your research?

What is Research?

What is Research?

  • What is social science?
  • Social science research versus other fields


What is Research?

Research Fundamentals

  • Area of Interest
  • Literature Review
  • Research Questions
  • Getting started
Research Design

Research Design

  • Selecting a Method
  • Universal Considerations Across Methods
Doing Research

Doing Research

  • Existing Data
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Findings, Interpretation, and Argument
  • Share Findings